Where Worlds Collide: A Movement in Solidarity

What do you get when you combine a bunch of young people passionate about making a positive impact in the world? Creciendo Cambio! It started as an idea with my boyfriend as we were thinking about creating a space that brought together foreigners and locals to work on community projects. Both of us were fellows…

Santiago and an Evolving Medellin

14-year-old Santiago lives in an estrato uno, low-income, neighborhood in Medellin. He’s taking English classes and studying to become a tour guide. Santiago knows very little English, but he and his sister join a tour group in the city center to observe a tour guide in action and pick up some tips. Besides it is…

“What Kind of Citizen?”

“All schools teach citizenship. The concern of this book has been to ask, What kind of citizenship?” – Joel Westheimer, 2015

5 Months in 5 Pictures

Take a look at some pictures from my latest adventure living and teaching in Colombia

Colombian Ministry of Education: A Bilingual Nation

Fluency in the English language is often a gateway to better opportunities for many people in Latin America and the Colombian government is set on funding bilingual initiatives throughout the nation. Check out the video below about one of those programs.

Civic engagement, hmm…

Civic engagement sounds like a nice, lofty goal for education, and it is. What does it really mean, though? How does it play out in schools? Is it a means or an end of education?