Literature Review and Works Cited

Below are some academic works that are informing my analysis of civic education. Feel free to recommend other resources below.

Heider, D. (1996). Completeness and Exclusion in Journalism Ethics: An Ethnographic Case Study. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 11(1), 4-15.

Putnam, R. (2000). Bowling alone : The collapse and revival of American community. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Rheingold, H. (2008). Using Participatory Media and Public Voice to Encourage Civic Engagement. Civic Life Online: Learning How Digital Media Can Engage Youth. 97-118.

Tocqueville, A., & Goldhammer, A. (2004). Democracy in America (Library of America (Series); 147). New York: Library of America : Distributed to the trade in the U.S. by Penguin Putnam.

Westheimer, J. (2015). What kind of citizen? : Educating our children for the common good.


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